dimanche, mars 12, 2006

From Paris

You may see, from time to time, comments by my friend Jerôme (better known as "Nasty GG!") on PDP. Well, he is the one who owns this appartment on the top floor of an 6 story building from where I took several pictures including the Sunday once (Sacré coeur). To celebrate PDP's anniversary he gave me this framed picture which shows PDP's first post. Pretty cool!

From Brussels

In Paris we have the Champs Elysées avenue, in Brussels they have the Champs Elysées street... I did not know it until Andreaa posted this photo on here Brusselsdailyphoto blog. Thank you! We missed each other in Paris this week-end but Brussels is only 1:25 minute away from Paris...

samedi, mars 11, 2006

From FredB in Paris

Fred is the best friend of City daily photo bloggers ! Although he does not own a city daily photo blog himself he sort of appreciated the concept so much that he developed a Widget (a widget is a sort of Post-it note that you can virtually stick to your screen and that grab a lot of content from the web : traffic, weather, news... and city daily photos). He made one for PDP first (10 000 downloads so far...) and soon, under the pressure of the other daily photo bloggers he also developed an international version that works with all city daily photo blogs. If you are interested, you can download it from here (but make sure to visit the Yahoo Widgets home page first for you need to download the Yahoo Widget engine first).

Today he also sent me a nice anniversary message:

"Happy Birthday ParisDailyPhoto ! J La la laa la la laaaa, lalalaaa la la laaaaaaa"

Of course without the sound it is less spectacular!

From San Francisco (3)

Thank you again Tomate ;)

From Rome

Here we have a stand up comedian who says that "Rome is a nice city although it's a shame it's so destroyed!" On Joe's RomeDailyPhoto blog you will not see that many historical ruins though, you will mostly see the daily life in modern Rome - and, believe me, it rocks! I understand Joe is a professional photographer so , of course, it's a useful help to run a DailyPhoto blog! Do visit his blog you will not be disappointed (I must say, the recent Fiat 500 post remains one of my favorite...). Thank you for your tribute to PDP Giovanni.

From Toulouse...

The "Pink City". I am very grateful to Stephan to show us this marvelous city of Toulouse (south west of France) and to make the effort to write a caption in English. I have been visiting his ToulouseDailyPhoto blog for quite some time now and I must say that his latest pics have been really good. Thank you Stéphan, you do a fantastic job.

From Trondheim

Earlier I mentioned TallinnDailyPhoto here and said that if you wanted to see snowy landscapes that was the perfect place to go. Well, I was wrong, there is a whiter place: Trondheim in Norway! But see for yourself, do pay a visit to TrondheimDailyPhoto. Alex will show you...

From Elisabeth

Like I said previously Elisabeth is, with Tomate Farcie and a few others, the oldest fan of PDP. And as she enjoys writing very much (she really does!) she always find the perfect words to say when she appreciates a photo. Today she posted such a super nice comment about PDP that I barely dare giving you the link to it; your are going to accuse me of immodesty! But once a year, after all, it feels really good to receive compliments... Merci à toi Elisabeth.

From Minneapolis

I have a scoop for you, the real Eiffel tower does not sit in Paris like everybody thinks but in... Minneapolis. If you don't believe me check Michele's Minneapolis photo blog... Thank you Michele, for being such a faithful visitor to PDP.

From Seoul

I am very happy to see more and more Asian cities joining the daily photo blogging family. As such, Seoul is definitely a city that I have been waiting for. Well I have not been disappointed with Kais' photos who - to me - reflect perfectly the image that I have about Korea (mostly made of Korean movies and TV programs I must say...).

From Tenerife

Pamela is one of the first people to have contacted me after I started PDP. She said she was interested in the concept for Tenerife (Spain) and wanted to know more about it. She ended up with a slightly different concept than a daily photo blog but I must say that her Secret Tenerife site is probably the most comprehensive one on this island off the Morocco coast. Well done Pam, and, in addition, I will give you a special award for your design: you managed beautifully to offer a great deal of info without turning the pages into a messy scrapbook!

From San Francisco (2)

With Barcelona Manuel lives in one of the rare cities in the world that I would trade for Paris and I do envy him. "Well, not everything is nice in the Bay Area..." he keeps repeating... but still, San Francisco IS a very nice place and Manuel's photos do remind us of it. I did not know there was a "Little Montmartre" over there; that is a cool idea for PDP's anniversary. Good choice.

From Buenos Aeres (2)!

Cynthia is not a City daily photo blog as such although she posts a pic of Buenos Aeres everyday... How come? Well that is the tough law of city dailyphoto blogs: fist come, first served! And Karine (see below) was the first one to take the buenosaeresdailyphoto URL... this does not mean Cynthia is bannished for good, of course! Like Rob in Stuttgart she remains among our closest cousins and most of us do link to her excellent blog.

From Buenos Aeres

I really appreciate Karine's post for I understand she's away from her computer and her photos and that it must have been pretty tough to manage posting it on D-Day. Her BuenosAeresDailyPhoto blog is a wonder (especially today! Where on earth did they find this Napoleon statue!!?)

From Akita

Of course you all know that Akita is a quiet city in the Northern part of Japan right? What you may not know is that according to it's inhabitants the most beautiful women of Japan live in Akita! How do I know? Well I read Midnitebara's AkitaDailyPhoto blog! This very sweet girl wished PDP a happy anniversary (Omedeto Gozaimasu) and offered me a - virtual unfortunately - delicacy. Arigato, Midnitebara, Arigato Gozaimasu!

From... Paris

If you want to know what kind of Paris photos a really good photographer can make, then go to Claude's blog Spirit of Paris. Some All of them are really breath taking and the quality remains very high throughout the shots (unlike on PDP, I know!). Thank you very much Claude for this very nice card, coming from you I really appreciate.

From Porto

I hardly know Cecilia but what I know is 1) She nicely sent me a post card to celebrate PDP's birthday, 2) She is from Porto, Portugal, 3) she will be starting a PortoDailyPhoto (wait a minute that will that will make a second PDP !!!) anytime soon. Welcome to the family Cecilia...

From Stuttgart

Rob was once a member of the City Daily Photo bloggers but he wrote to me saying that he preferred to stick to his original name "Life in Stuttgart" which I do respect and understand. that does not mean we kicked him out of the family! He remains our closest cousin and I thank him very much for his today's post (Le Meridien is a French hotel chain).

From Launac (France)

Isido is a former colleague of mine and we have known each others for many years now. He recently moved to a small town (Launac) and to celebrate PDP's anniversary he sent me a photo of his garden's first flower. Thank you so much Isido, hope you enjoy your new life.

From Seattle

Kim is also a very regular visitor to PDP - and a true Paris lover I think - and she always posts nice comments when she likes my photos. This time she sent me not only a nice note to celebrate PDP's birthday but also a photo that she took some time ago with her Palm Pilot. She said:

Dear Eric,
I thought I would send [this photo] on to you on your anniversary. It is of part of a graphic at the top of the Seattle Space Needle which it explains how the space needle was designed and compares it to the Tour Eiffel's height and other attributes. When I saw it, I thought, "Ah, Paris seems to be everywhere, not just on my mind!"

She also sent a pic of her daughter at the dentist's on the day PDP started. But I'll keep this one for myself! ;)

From San Francisco

Tomate Farcie (literally "Stuffed Tomato") is - with Elisabeth and a few others my most faithful visitor. I do not remember exactly, but I think she started visiting and commenting the very first month I started PDP. She is also very very very sweet, always very positive, very encouraging... When I feel like "why on earth am I spending so much time on this publishing a Paris photo everyday?!" I think of Tomate. Of course Tomate has a blog and guess what? Her post today is entirely dedicated to PDP...

From Wiesbaden

Yummy! This really reminds me of the coffee mit sahne that I used to have as a student in Wiesbaden in the 80s. That is a beautiful picture Nicola, thank you so much. (BTW aren't we supposed to meet in Paris this week-end?!)

From Vancouver

Be honest. You probably wonder what this totem has to do with PDP's anniversary?! Well it does and if you want to have a good - intelligent - laugh I advise you to visit VancouverDailyPhoto with no delay... (and more than anything, follow commandment 40!)

From Trier

Sebastian is one of the rare City Daily Photo Blogger that I have actually met (he came to Paris recently). Since then we have been in contact regularly and I always enjoy our MSN conversations for he is a real nice guy. He also contributed a lot to the Daily Blogger family by setting up a forum where we can exchange tips. And... tada... I know that today he is going to receive his brand new camera! So watch for his next pics...

From Rouen

In the French provinces Paris - and the Parisians - are not really liked (they are considered as arogant, rude, busy, etc.). That is why you will not see that many shops/coffee places/restaurants that claim their Paris origins. Anna found one - in the beautiful city of Rouen and published it today as a sheer coincidence!! Thank you.

From Richmond

Mea is a French teacher in Richmond where she has her Daily photo blog. Today she wrote "J'espère que tu aimes les gateaux, Eric et c'est parfait parce qu'ils viennent de notre petite boulangerie française! " (I hope you like cakes ; these ones come from our little French Bakery). Well Mea YES I love cakes - a little too much! - But what I like the most are the comments from your students....

From Newcastle (upon Tyne)

Chris has the longest city name among the city daily photo bloggers but that should not prevent you from visiting his blog! Thank you Chris for this photo.

From Hong Kong

Here is what Lisi from HongKongDailyPhoto wrote today: " Thank you Eric for his wonderful idea and to celebrate the first anniversary of Paris Daily Photo, I would like to share my exclusive everyday view -- on my computer, Eric's photo; and looking out from the window, the rooftop patio featured in the very first post of this blog." What can I say?! That is so nice Lisi...

From Greenville (South Caroliina)

From Denton (and Connie) who runs GreenvilleDailyPhoto in South Carolina and who had the brilliant idea to make a Global City daily blog map! Thank you very much for your contribution.

From Cedar Key

Terri wrote "We truly have nothing Parisian here on my island, Eric....except IN my house! I took this photo a few years ago on a visit to Paris and it sits on our mantle" Isn't that sweet? (You have to read on her blog (CedarKeyDailyPhoto) why she took this photo in Paris...

From Brighton

From BrightonDailyPhoto, Dean wrote today: "This is for Eric over at ParisDailyPhoto ... he has been posting to his blog - every day now for a whole year, without missing a single day (obviously a compulsive obsessive) -
Dean you're so right! Thank you for pointing that out!!

From Berlin

For BerlinDailyPhoto, the French Embassy! Vielen Danke Philipp, very thoughtful.

From Barcelona

If you visit BarcelonaDailyPhoto regularly you all know that Bob is a very talented photographer. If you have never visited his blog , then don't only judge by today's photo which main purpose is to kindly celebrate PDP's anniversary, but have a look at all his pics!

From Aliso Viejo

Even in Irvine California they have a French bakery! And guess who found it? Rodney from AlisoViejoDailyPhoto (California)! Thank you very much Rod, I love it. (Do they have baguettes?!)

From Dijon (France)

Arnaud - from DijonDailyPhoto (you know, where they make mustard) - happens to be my nephew. Before he married my niece he used to live in Paris and was not very happy with the daily life in our capital... Especially with what our dog friends leave on the sidewalk! That is why, to "celebrate" PDP's anniversary he chose to show this "poop picker" that was in use before the laws against dog's poop became tougher!

From Tallinn, Estonia

If you like snowy landscapes well, you should never miss visiting Tallinn Daily photo. Over there, at the moment, there is snow on each and every pic! Except today, where you will see a nice photo of a cake in celebration of PDP's anniversary. Thank you Simon.

From LondonDailyPhoto

Ham is not only the proud owner of LondonDailyPhoto but he is also a very nice man and contributes a lot to the Daily Photo blog community. We all owe him a very useful beginners guide to city daily photo blogging that most of us consider as our bible! He sent me this fancy animated birthday card (make sure you have the sound on).

And I also discovered this photo on his blog. Apparently it's a little harbour from french culture in big London... But you have to see for yourself on his blog!

From Notre Dame de Bondeville (France)

Marie is one of the most recent newcomers to the Daily Photo Blog family. She lives in France in a small village in Normandy called Notre Dame de Bondeville. This shows that you don't have to live in a big town to own a city daily photo blog! Congrats Marie and thank you for this nice pinky birthday post!