dimanche, mars 12, 2006

From Paris

You may see, from time to time, comments by my friend Jerôme (better known as "Nasty GG!") on PDP. Well, he is the one who owns this appartment on the top floor of an 6 story building from where I took several pictures including the Sunday once (Sacré coeur). To celebrate PDP's anniversary he gave me this framed picture which shows PDP's first post. Pretty cool!

3 commentaires:

Faye Pekas a dit…

Congratulation on one year!! My blog anniversary will be coming up Jan 1st.

What a great gift your friend gave you :)

Richard a dit…

I see you travel a lot. Congratulations! You must have a lot of time .

I´ve read Madame Bovary and I was looking for profiles that have Mde Bovary.

I see you like, Narciss and Goldmund . I read this book in October and I like it too.

My lenguage is Spanish and a little of English. I like German too.

You can visit my blog and write in it , but it is in Spanish.
It´s called: elcazadorfurtivo.blogspot.com

I´m going read more of your blog.

Anonyme a dit…

I did not realize it. Congratulations on your one year anniversary. Nicely done too.